Royalty Entertainment Inc

Album: Royalty Entertainment Inc. (2013)

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Song: Swerve

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Antoine L. Williams (known as Vinci) was born in Jackson, Mississippi on March 13, 1983. He was raised by his mother Lisa Alexander and his father Malcolm Alexander who is his step father. Vinci has never met his biological father, and this gave him the motivation to not follow down that path. He began rapping at the age of seven and determined this was his Life's Task. Vinci attended Gary Road Elementary moving on to Byram Middle School. He started Forest Hill High School, and was kicked out the house in his 11th grade year. Forcing him to move to the projects with his cousin he quickly learned the code of the streets. He still attended high school until he was expelled in his 12th grade year for possession of a knife. Determine to make something of himself he enrolled in GED classes shortly after being expelled. Passing this class gave him a sense of self-motivation and he began a career in the military. He enlisted in the Army National Guard at the age of eighteen and was sent overseas to fight in the Iraq campaign. He meets his wife Charlene Williams in Iraq and they became acquainted bearing a child. There son was conceived a year after and he was called back to active duty for another Iraq campaign. He was promoted to Sergeant and became a leader with the Army ranks. Once again he had a brush with death and this open his eyes and he felt there was more to life. So he returned home and received an Honorable Discharge, and began his love for music and established his company known as Royalty Entertainment Inc.